Dolly Peepers

Portrait of A Lady

Hello, It’s lovely of you to stop by and sit with me for a spell…

I am a maker and a dreamer. I hope to one day see more colors than I could ever imagine existed. Cartoons are enchanting. Toys can be art. We all have stories to tell and new worlds waiting to be discovered.

Beauty, love, imagination and faith are all inspirations to my life. I believe in the power of forgiveness and remembering the innocent child within each of us who really only wants to wander, wonder and explore this amazing mystery. When we play and delight in things, we enter into a new world where only light can touch us, so to stay in the light I do what comes naturally to me and express my joy and creativity through drawing, painting, writing, designing, singing, guitar playing and doll making. I have so many interests because my curiosity is boundless and I find I am never bored because there is so much to experience and learn. I hope my art can inspire you and bring hope and wonder no matter how dark life may seem to be. There is magic and beauty everywhere and grace waiting for each of us if we choose it. Let’s guide each other home.

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